Our University of Sharjah’s Dental Student Association (USDSA) is a non-profit, scientific, organization, which represents the dental students in the University of Sharjah. Our Association is currently made up of over 100 members, serving over 400 students and staff in our dental college.


Our Vision:
The vision of our Association is to enhance and develop the personal skills and characteristics of the dental student from all aspects in order to make him/her an active member of society on a national and international level.
Our vision is to give to life a human dentist that is aware of the needs and problems of his community. A courageous leader that can make a difference. An elite dentist with international standards and connections. A socially active person, extraordinary thinker, innovator, public speaker that can present him/herself and his ideas. A student of integrity.


We want graduates to not only have a certificate of excellence in dentistry, but also a certificate of excellence in life.


Our Mission:
Our mission is to carry out curricular and extra-curricular activities, events and projects on a national and international level for our dental students in order to fulfill our vision.