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Community Service Committee



Bringing out a good dentist is the staff’s job, but bringing out a human dentist that feels the issues of our nation and reacts to it, this is our job. We aim to enhance students’ awareness to our community’s needs.



Community Clean Up:

Students will visit polluted public areas and will conduct a cleaning campaign in collaboration with the appropriate governmental departments



Visit to Special Care Centers:

Giving students the opportunity to visit special care centers such as, Old people’s home, Cancer patients, Blind people’s centers, Handicapped centers, where they can brighten these peoples’ lives for a day, and also gain the experience of dealing with different groups of people. The visits will include many activities such as reading stories, playing music instruments, room decorations etc.



Blood Donation Campaign:

Volunteer’s from campus donating blood for the needy and explaining the importance to step out and save lives of those who are under life risks. This event will be in association with Sharjah Blood Transfusion and Research Center from which we will bring a blood bank bus to the campus for the blood donation.




“Bright smile bright life” walkathon taking place on campus, an open invitation for those interested, including all the children of Sharjah Center for Humanitarian Services. Further activities include bazaar fund raiser and charity stands.



Go Green Week:

Increase awareness of the importance of recycling. Go Green Week had multiple events related to recycling, in association with  Bee'ah.



Ramadan To Go:

Preparing meals for breakfast during Ramadan and distributing them to people in need



Early Smiles Health Awareness Day:

This oral health awareness campaign was targeted to children of the 2nd Grade at school, who are at an age old enough to grasp the concepts of oral health, and young enough to effectively modify their already established habits of oral hygiene. Activities carried out in this campaign included instructions of proper tooth brushing and the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene measures.



USDSA Bookfair:

The members of the community services committee collected second hand books from all students who donated them to fund the Orphanage Centre.