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Discussion Panel #1

Comprehensive Reconstructions:

The Power of Multidisciplinary in

Approaching Complex Rehabilitations


13th of March, 2021

The problem-solving process of complex rehabilitation cases should involve multiple specialists to obtain a predictable result on a long-term basis. The involvement of multidisciplinary specialists guarantees the achievement of a good result from biological, functional, and aesthetic aspects that will lead to good prognosis.


Throughout the years, research has provided empirical evidence on the importance of a comprehensive treatment planning that involves multiple specialists in order to provide high quality of oral health care to patients.


In this discussion panel, a periodontist, an endodontist, a restorative dentist, a prosthodontist and a general dentist will discuss how to approach systematically a complex case, how to treatment plan, how to refer and most importantly, how to work in a team to achieve outstanding results.

Focus Areas

Treatment plans, systematic, comprehensive, interprofessional, multidisciplinary, healthcare, digital records, prognosis, phases, rehabilitation, patient communication, feasibility, patient education


DrGilbert_headshot (1) (1).jpg

Dr. Brett Gilbert

Diplomate, Assistant Professor

People’s Choice Award as the Top Instructor of 2020 for Endodontics and was named a top ten young dental educator in America. Founder of AccessEndo.

Albahri_Rami (1).jpg

Dr. Rami Albahri

Surgical Prosthodontist

U.S and Canada Board-Certified in prosthodontics, facial esthetics and full-mouth rehabilitation including implant surgery and botox injectables.

unnamed (2).jpg

Prof. Thomas Nguyen

Diplomate, Assistant Professor

Served as the Interim Director of Predoctoral Periodontology at Harvard, he is currently an assistant professor at McGill. Winner of many awards.


Dr. Wesam Shafee

Founder of Smile Care Dental Group

Honored with the America's Top Dentists award, he is an Aesthetic and Full Mouth Reconstruction Specialist and a faculty at Nash Institute.



Dr. Céline Higton

Cosmetic Dentist

People’s Choice Award as the Top Instructor of 2020 for Isolation . Leading educator in the field of rubber dam, biomimetic and adhesive dentistry.

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