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7th ISDC Workshops

The ABCs Indirect laminate Veneers - Lecture + Hands On

The course is aimed to introduce the rational of the indirect veneers as one of the most popular aesthetic treatments. It will cover the planning, preparation and cementation steps.


Dr. Mohammad Abualhaj

President of the Scientific Committee JDA, Prosthodontist and Implantologist, Parttime Lecturer at JUST University 


Rotary Endodontics (basic concepts and techniques) - Lecture + Hands On

This course will provide an overview about various generations of Ni Ti Instruments with basic endodontic rotary workshop to help the undergraduate students and general dentists to move from hand to rotary endodontics. During this workshop will focus on how to achieve predictable root canal instrumentation for optimal outcomes of root canal treatment.

Dr. Ayman Mandorah

Consultant Endodontist, Member of Scientific Council of Saudi Board in Endodontic

Posterior Composite Artistry: Simplicity is Beauty + ICON - Lecture + Discussion

Recreating posterior dental anatomy in an easy reproducible and manner with direct composite  as well as the newest minimal intervention strategy for white spots/enamel hypoplasia: ICON.


Dr. Shiraz Khan

Dentist, Lecturer, DMG Key Opinion Leader, Young Dentist Academy Director 

Step-by-Step Approaches for Anterior Direct Restoration - Lecture + Hands On 

The goal of the hands on is that students understand the extratification of composite resin in a class IV fracture in a front tooth, from immediate waxing to finishing with anatomy and polishing.

Dr. Thiago Avelar

DDS, Aesthetic and Rehabilitation dentistry

Dr. Roberto Zangirolami

DDS, MS, Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry