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Editorial Committee



Inspire the spirit of creativity and induce the talents of our members to be exposed on our printouts and publications. The national and international publisher of our activities.



USDSA Notice Board:

The editorial committee will be responsible for a notice board hung in the entrance of the dental college. The notice board holds advertisements and notifications for upcoming events and activities that will be held by the USDSA. It is one of the main methods of communication with the students. It also include any interesting information to be shared with the students.



USDSA Magazine:

Publishing one magazine per semester to all the students and staff of the dental college which will include the Association’s updates and upcoming activities as well as covering the USDSA’s accomplishments. It will also include interesting information students or staff would like to share with the rest of the faculty, sharing students different talents (writing, poetry, photography), including researches carried out by students or staff, etc.



USDSA Website:

Lauching the official USDSA website which will be a source of communication with all our students and with the outer world.The website covers everything related to the USDSA and is updated on a regular basis.



Social Media:

Updating the various social media accounts of the association, which include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.