1- The conference


Who can attend this conference?

Dental students, young dentists, dental professionals or any other interested person can attend this conference.


Who can present in this conference?

Dental Students and Young dentists (1st and 2nd year dental graduates)


When and where will it take place?

The conference will take place on the 28 and 29 of January 2018 at University of Sharjah Medical Campus


What topics will be discussed in the conference?

The topics discussed will be from all branches of dentistry; the theme of the conference is “Exploring the Innovations that Shape the Dentistry of Tomorrow”


How can I submit my abstract?

Send your abstract to the following email (scientific@usdsa.net). Please read the criteria for abstract submission. Deadline for abstract submission is 30 of November


If I submit my abstract, does it mean I will present for sure?

Not necessarily. Our scientific board will review all the abstracts after the 30th of November. They will decide on the best 25 abstracts to be presented as oral presentations. They will also suggest which ones should be presented as poster presentations. However, your preferences will be taken into consideration regarding presenting your work as a poster or an oral presentation. The scientific board can also reject your abstract. We will then inform you about their decision.


Can I attend the conference even if I don’t present in it?

Yes of course, you can register for the conference as an attendee.


Will the attendees receive certificates of attendance?

Yes, all attendees will receive a certificate of attendance. Presenters and participants will receive certificates of presenting and participating as well.


Would we be allowed to ask questions?

Yes, after each presentation there will be a 5 min Q&A session. Judges will also be asking the presenter questions.


How much is the registration fees for the conference?

For international students, the registration fees is 1400 AED (350 USD), which includes Dinner on arrival day and 2 day pre-conference  social program with 2 day conference and 1 day post conference event.

For national students, registration fees in 130 AED for the early bird and you have the option to attend the IMG, desert safari, paintball, and dinners. The fees vary based on the event. (refer to social program)

If I am presenting in the conference, do I still need to pay the conference registration fees?

Yes you do. Conference registration fees must be paid by all presenters, participants and attendees



2- Workshops

Can anyone register for the workshops?

Yes. Registration is opened to all students. However, seats are limited. Seats will be booked according to whoever registers first. So hurry up! Don’t miss your chance! Once seats are completely occupied, we will announce it on our website and facebook page.


What is each workshop about and what will we be doing in the workshop?

Please visit our workshop page to read more about each workshop


How long is the duration of each workshop and when will it take place?

The workshops will be running parallel to the conference. We will have 4 workshops each day at different timings. Exact duration and timings will be announced soon.


Who will be giving the workshops?

The instructor that will be giving the workshop will be announced shortly.


What is the registration fees for the workshops?

Registration fees ranges between 75 AED (21 USD) to 200 AED (55 USD) for each workshop.


Can I register for more than one workshop?

Yes you can.


If I register for the workshops, do I still need to pay the conference registration fees?

Yes you do. Conference registration fees is a must pay for all students who will attend, present and participate in the conference including those who register for workshops.



3- Social Program

Are the social programs optional or obligatory?

The two day pre-conference social program and the one day post-conference social program are optional. You have the choice to attend both of them or either of them. The social programs are made for the purpose of uniting all of us students together in a friendly and fun environment to give us the chance to meet and build friendly bonds before the conference starts! We have chosen the highlights of UAE! Don’t miss out on these exciting days!



What does the registration fees for the social programs include?

The registration fees includes the entrance ticket to all the mentioned attractions, however lunch and dinner is at your own expense (unless dinner is mentioned). However, in the Safari on day one of the pre-conference program, dinner will be provided.

4- Registration


When can I register?

You can register anytime. Deadline for registration is the 25th of January 2017.


How can I register?

Fill in the registration form that can found on the National or International registration pages.


Is the registration fee refundable?

Please read the terms and conditions clearly to know what your rights are regarding refund.


I am unable to pre-register – I can only register on the day. Is it possible?

Onsite registration is possible for national students only.


What type of payments do you accept for the conference?

For international students, two types of methods are available for payment.

1- You can pay through bank transfer. Our bank account details are found on the registration page.

2- You can pay online with your credit or visa card. The link to pay online is found on the registration page.

For national students, payment will be made directly to your local coordinator. Please view our registration page and find the link about the local coordinators. Please contact him/her when you are ready to register.


For international students, what are the exact steps of registration and payment?

1- Please go through our website pages about the conference program, conference social programs, and accommodation packages.

2- Once you have decided which program you would like to attend;


- the conference only

- or the pre-conference social program with the conference

- or the post-conference social program with the conference

- or the entire conference package, pre-post and conference programs

3- Please view our workshops as well to see if you would like to register for any workshops.

4- Once you have decided on your conference programs and accordingly your accommodation, please fill in international students registration form from the international registration page. Check the boxes that suit all your decisions. Please keep a record of your total amount of conference cost according to all your checked boxes. Read the terms and conditions before you finalize your registration.

5- Next, proceed to payment. Add up all the costs of your conference packages and accommodation (and if you have checked visa assistance, the fees for that as well) and decide if you want to pay visa bank transfer or online visa card.

6- If you decide to pay through bank transfer, please copy down all our bank account details which you will take with you to the bank. Give the bank all our details with the total cost of your conference registration. When you make the transfer, the bank will provide you with a receipt. Please send us a copy of the receipt to registrar@usdsa.net along with your registration form to confirm your registration.

7- If you decide to pay through visa card, please note that the online payment is made in UAE currency. We have stated each package’s cost in Emarati Dirhams, so please enter the total amount you will pay after adding the cost in Emarati currency. Once the payment has been made, please print out the receipt (or print screen) that you will see and send it to registrar@usdsa.net, along with your registration form to confirm your registration.

8- We will then reply to you confirming your seat in our conference.


5- Flight, Accommodation, Visa and Transportation

What airport do I have to fly to?

We prefer you arrive to Sharjah International Airport, but you can also arrive to Dubai International Airport.

Where can I exchange my money to Emarati Dirhams?

You will find a currency exchange store at the airport. We do recommend that you change your currency before arrival or at the airport so that you have Emarati Dirhams to be able to pay for the taxi.

There are also money exchangers many currency exchange stores found in the city and not far from your hotel. ATM machines are also found everywhere.

Will there be transportation to and from the hotel for all events?

Yes. Transportation will be provided by us during the conference and for the pre and post conference social programs. However, pick up and drop off to airport is not included in the conference registration fees.


Do I need a visa?

Please view our page about visas for the list of countries that can enter the UAE without a visa. For those who do need a visa, we can assist you with the visa (do it for you) or we can provide you with an invitation letter to our conference to facilitate visa procedures if you will do it on your own.


If I want the ISDC Committee to assist me with my visa, what are the requirements?

Tick the check box in the registration form about requesting visa assistance . You will need to transfer the visa fees of 283 AED (78 USD) at the same time of payment for the conference. You will need a passport copy and 1 personal photo with a white background. Please send them to registrar@usdsa.net


How soon will the visa be out and how long is it valid for?

The visa procedure depends upon the applicant but in general it shouldn’t take more than a few days. We will inform you as soon as your visa is issued. The visa is valid for 1 month from the date of issue.


Do I have to stay in a double room?

We have booked double rooms for all of the international students.

Please don’t forget to mention in the registration form whom you would like to share your double room with. If you would like a single room, please contact us and we will arrange it for you but the booking rate will change.