6th ISDC Key Note Speakers

Zainab Al-Eqabi

The Power of Desire

"We may face different challenges throughout our lives. Destinies that could be life-changing. It may be quite tough, but when you realize that you only live once, everything starts to change in a powerful way; positively. I may have lost my leg, when I was seven years old, due to an explosion and a medical mistake, but the passion I found and the lessons that I learnt throughout my life because of that destiny, made me so thankful for it in a way that I can't imagine myself growing up without going through that destiny and all the challenge that I had faced, still facing and will be facing." 

Dr. Pavel Scarlat

CAF versus Tunnel: periodontal plastic surgery

Dr. Pavel Scarlat is a young dentist developing his career in Milano (Italy).  He is a past President of IADS and currently is striving to achieve clinical excellence and growth throughout the dental practice. He believes in aesthetics and soft tissue management. 

The  lecture will aim to compare two of the most used techniques meant to correct defects in morphology, position and amount of soft tissue around teeth. It will offer an insight to both techniques in terms of treatment indications, predictable outcome and research studies. 

Ouiza Belkadi

Introducing Dentiscope: “A Unique Online Concept”

“The journey through dental school takes around 5-6 years of studying and throughout that journey many dental students struggle with finding accurate and easily accessible extra study material to read on their own, which is- in fact- usually very hard to discover. so us students created the very first of its kind, a comprehensive online study guide with a variety of materials and subjects that is designed carefully to give dental students and dentist a platform for a continuous and self-paced learning, as well as to fulfill students’ needs in their own time and at their convenience.”

Dr. David Montalvo, Arias DDS, MSc

Management of the Gummy Smile Patient: A novel approach to achieve predictable results

“Gummy smile” cases are always aesthetically demanding cases. Dr. Montalvo presents a series of cases treated with an interdisciplinary approach, to achieve the most aesthetic outcome for the gummy smile patient. He will discuss different treatment options, and the factors to be considered, including diagnosis; treatment indications and limitations; clinical techniques; communication between different specialties, and restorative options. 

Mr. Larry M. Guzzardo

Influence Excellence: Impact Change

You’ll receive many different answers if you ask a group of people to define excellence but they’ll all have one thing in common; excellence is about doing your best. When you strive for excellence you can discover solutions to impact change to achieve outstanding results. Discovering “why” you’ve chosen your career in dentistry leads you to new paths of influence to change for yourself, employees, and patients.

Dr. Ahmed Ghoneima

3D Imaging in Orthodontics

The technological advances and innovations of imaging systems for orthodontic practice require a continuous update of their applications and assessments of their strength and weakness, as well as guidelines for utilization. Orthodontists are challenged by the increasing number and complexity of these systems and softwares. Accurate diagnostic imaging is an essential requirement for the optimal diagnosis and treatment planning of orthodontic patients. In addition, it is a critical tool that allows the clinician to monitor and document the treatment progress and outcome. The purpose of this presentation is to update clinicians about the current options and applications of the latest imaging techniques in orthodontic practice and to review the existing software advances.

Dr. Samira Al Salehi

Coming Soon

Treatment and Management of Complex Endodontic Cases

There are a number of guidelines in use to classify endodontic complexity such as the “American Association of Endodontic Case Difficulty” and the “Restorative Index of Treatment Needs”.  It is important to determine beforehand the complexity of the presenting endodontic case.  In this way a decision can be made whether it is appropriate for General Dental Practitioners (GDPs) to treat the patient or refer for specialist treatment.  The Endodontic specialist has advanced skills as well as the latest equipment such as the operating microscope and 3D imaging to manage complex cases.

With the above in mind this presentation will focus on a number of Endodontic cases.  The level of difficulty of the case will be illustrated and the management/treatment of the case presented.  These cases will be of interest to GDPs and specialists alike.