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Scientific Committee



Give the chance to our members to develop their dental skills and improve their academic level. Enhance the students’ research and presentation skills.



International Students' Dental Conference:

A project held during the second semester in which students will organize a conference, where students will present certain researches, studies and posters covering different dental topics. This conference would be on an International level by inviting students and universities from abroad to take part in it.



Drug Awareness Day:

A one day event to educate students about drugs and their negative impact on life it will be held with the help of Sharjah police.



Forensic Odontology Day:

A one day event to educate students about the ways dentistry can be used forensically.



Dental Workshops:

An opportunity for students to learn and excel in a specific new method, skill or technique for the preclinical stage and clinical stage. The topics will be the ones that most of the students find hard/challenging or topics that offer a new approach to dentistry.



Visitor Speakers (Seminars):

Scientific/Educational seminars will be held by different speakers to give students an idea about different topics ex: dentistry related new findings, varied interesting scientific discoveries. Dental awareness and tips as well on how to achieve and maintain good oral health.



Post-graduation Consulation:

Collaborating with certain organizations or experienced individuals, to give students from BDS4/BDS5 an elaborate idea of what to do after graduation. (International exams, requirements for continuing studies or working abroad in different countries, etc). Inviting different university representatives to present for our students the courses they offer along with requirements needed to pursue these courses.